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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mark Wahlberg Reveals He'd Love To Take Over The IRON MAN Franchise

Ah, Markie Mark. Star of such beauties as Boogie Nights, Ted, 2 Guns, and Elysium... Oh wait. That was Matt Damon. Anywho, Mark Wahlberg sat down with Yahoo! Movies recently, to discuss his new movie, 2 Guns. The actor revealed that he'd love to play 'Iron Man' when Robert Downey Jr is done with the character. Wahlberg says: “Well, I would like to take over the Iron Man franchise for Robert Downey." Wahlberg also revealed that he was once up for the role of 'Robin', I'm guessing this was for Batman Forever. How would you guys feel if Markie Mark ever got what he wished for? Would you pay to see a Wahlberg Iron Man? You can check out the full interview below!

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