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Friday, August 16, 2013


Mark Millar recently sat down with Total Film, in one awesome interview Millar allowed some very lucky Twitter users to ask him some cool questions regarding some of Millar's upcoming films. Millar discusses all things comic book movies, from Batman/Superman all the way to the upcoming X-Force film. You can read the full interview here 

Was Batman/Superman Announced To Early?
No, not at all; I actually think it’s a brilliant idea. Justice League would have been a really weird move for them. Could you imagine doing The Avengerswithout doing Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and everything beforehand? I actually don’t think that a Justice League movie would have done any more business than Superman Vs Batman. At the moment, nobody really cares about those other characters anyway yet.
On Why He Chose Jeff Wadlow To Direct X-Force
Just that he’d made a great film. Jeff made a really entertaining film with Kick-Ass 2, I was really happy. And he had a difficult film to follow because expectations were high.
He had a really tough gig – it’s not like coming in and doing Green Lantern 2 or something but he did a really good job on it and I said to the guys on X-Force: ‘get him while he’s relatively cheap.’ Because after this summer, everybody’s going to want him.
How Is X-Force Different To X-Men?
Again, I can’t really say without giving it away so I’ll leave that one for Jeff because that’s probably an announcement we’ll make next year because they’ve got a cool take on it. That was my first question to Jeff when I suggested X-Force to him. I said: ‘What would you bring to the table because you’re going to be doing something that already has an established fan base', so what’s the point in spending half a billion on it if there’s no good rationale for the project?’
Batman/Superman is set to hit theatres 2015. X-Force currently has no release date.  

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