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Friday, August 23, 2013

Live-Action Fan 'Teen Titans' Web-Series In The Works

A brand new live-action 'Teen Titans' Web Series is in the works

What is Teen Titans Project? Teen Titans Project is an upcoming Web Series based off the DC Comics characters of Young Justice and Teen Titans. It has been in development for over 2 years. Its by fans-for-fans and completely non-profit.

It is alot like the fan web-series Uncanny X-Men Web-Series on YouTube. But lets hope it turns out more like Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Project Overview: The Teen Titans Project Fan-Film/Web Series has been in veiled development for over 2 years and, as of March of 2012, official pre-production finally kicked off under the leadership of Chelton L. Perry. Chelton’s vision has always been to produce a fan-film based off of the comic book team, The Teen Titans. He wanted to prove that a younger generation of super heroes has what it takes to command a starring role. As DC comics owns the rights to all of their heroes, The Teen Titans Project does not and will not claim any rights to the characters being portrayed. This project is not intended to conflict with any canon projects which DC Comics/Warner Brothers is creating. None of our CAST or CREW will be paid for doing this project. The project’s goal is to make a spectacular volunteer short fan film/web series in hopes that people will be entertained and recognize the time and effort that each member of the TT team put into it.

It will have an ensemble cast of actors to portray your favorite DC Heroes! Including Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl Cyborg and Raven. It will even feature Justice League members like Batman, Nightwing and The Flash.

:: Concept Art :: 

They are currently looking for DONATIONS for the project to keep it running smoothly. If you would like to donate anything please contact them. They are currently looking for $2000 in 2 Months aka 2K2:

Teen Titans Project YouTube Page: -

The Series is expect to hit sometime next year! Stay tuned to SMN for more....

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