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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Josh Brolin Being Looked at for 'Batman vs Superman' ?

Is WB looking at Josh Brolin for the role of an older Bruce Wayne in Batman/Superman ?

@elmayimbe is back with another Batman scoop. Apparently according to @elmayimbe of Latino-Review Josh Brolin is now being considered for the role of Bruce Wayne in 'Superman vs Batman'

 If some of you might not know Josh Brolin will be starring in Spike Lee's upcoming Oldboy remake. This is a bit of a left field decision. But considering that as of yesterday Zack Snyder has met with writer/artist Frank Miller over the film; An older Bruce Wayne doesnt surprise me. Frank Miller was the mind behind The Dark Knight Returns...which so happened was read at SDCC to announce the Batman/Superman team-up film. The Dark Knight Returns pits a much older Batman verse a still young Superman.

Clearly this is just a rumor for the moment. More will come in the coming months and expect alot more names attached....beside Armie Hammer.

Zack Snyder also went on to say that the studio wanted a 'Batman vs Superman' team-up movie instead of Man of Steel 2....but as the fans reacted with utter excitement it might not be such a bad idea

"It's too early for me to discuss the film. However, regardless of how I feel about Superman, ultimately I have to go along with the direction that Warner Bros. thinks is best"

'Superman vs Batman' hits summer 2015

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