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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is Ra's Al Ghul Heading To The CW's ARROW? Episode Title Would Say So!

It was previously rumoured that 'Batman' enemy, Ra's Al Ghul may be heading to the CW's Arrow. This rumour was running rampant after Malcolm Merlyn's key speech in one of the later episodes to Season 1 of the highly successful CW program. Stephan Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow) has gone on account to say that there is a cameo in the works that will "shock you"; While this is all fine and dandy, earlier this week it was rumoured that the title of Episode 5 of Arrow's second season would in fact be called "The Demon's Head"; This rumour has since been shot down. Earlier today GreenArrowTV, revealed the actual title of Episode 5, Season 2 and the title (like the rumoured one) might tease Ra's Al Ghul. The title of the 5th episode is in fact "League Of Assassins." Here's what the site said:
The correct title for the fifth episode of Arrow Season 2 is actually "League Of Assassins." A title that is still Malcolm Merlyn/Nanda Pabat/Ra's Al Ghul related. So, a recap: It's not called "The Demon's Head," but instead, it's "League Of Assassins."
Are you looking forward to the forthcoming season of Arrow? If you weren't, are you now? Season 2 of Arrow is set to hit in 50 days, on October 9th, 2013! 

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