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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Has Mark Millar's SUPERIOR Entered 'Pre-Production'?

Mark Millar is a hit an miss writer. When he writes good, he writes like a genius, but when he writes like a idiot, it's often quite bad. But, I'm extremely happy about this very exciting news! Earlier today, Mark Millar tweeted that the next Millarworld movie that will head to the big screen has a surprise easter egg in Kick-Ass 2. What is that film you ask? Superior. Not that horrific 'Spider-Man' comic book currently published over at Marvel, but perhaps the greatest graphic novel of this generation. I'm a huge advocate for Mark Millar, I love his stuff, and seeing this tweet made me so happy. Although it was previously rumoured that Matthew Vaughn had bought the rights for a film adaptation of Superior, it was confirmed by Mark Millar today that the film has entered what some could call 'Pre-Production'. Millar sent this tweet out merely 10 minutes ago! Although Millar didn't confirm the film in the exact tweet, a fan sent a tweet out to Millar, the fan asked if the film is in fact Superior. You can see the fan's tweet below!

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