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Friday, August 23, 2013

EDITORIAL: Top Cast Picks for Marvel's 'The Runaways'

Why Marvel needs to make 'The Runaways' for the big screen! 

Ok lets be clear Marvel's 'The Runaways' comic book adaption is not currently in development anymore. The last we heard anything was in 2010 when fans could send in their audition tapes for the cast which made up of Teenagers.We also heard last Peter Sollett was hired to direct and the script was penned by Drew Pearce (Iron Man III). We also recently heard that Marvel has films slated up until 2021 and Runaways with a ready script may have a better chance of being made then others....

The story follows a group of teenagers who during one fate full night learn their parents are super villains called 'The Pride". The Pride is a secret origination stationed in LA that once a year comes together to offer up  a virgin in sacrifice to the gods.  The parents are made up of mob bosses, time-travelers, dark wizards, mad scientists, alien invaders and telepathic mutants. When the children see this sacrifice they all decided to steal their parents secret equipment and "Runaway". 

The children are named:
Alex Wilder is the son of  Mob Bosses and a Prodigy Strategist and Leader
Nico Minoru aka Sister Grimm is the daughter of Dark Wizards and  is a witch capable of manipulation
Karolina Dean aka Lucy in the Sky is the daughter of Alien Invaders and who has the power of flight
Molly Hayes aka The Bruiser is the daughter of Mutants and has the super strength that matches the Hulk
Chase Stein aka Talkback is the son of Mad Scientists and has gauntlets cable of creating Fire Blasts
Gertrude Yokes aka Arsenic is the daughter of Time-Traveling Criminals and has a telepathic Raptor

It's also a mystery story set in Los Angeles. The children only once a year get together and see each other for their parents "Board Meeting"but they never know why. They were always explicitly told not to interrupt and they never did until one day they decided to get curious. While looking around the upstairs of a house they come across a secret doorway and they all investigate. They find their own parents all dressed up in weird clothes and watch as they brutally murder a young woman. Freaked out they deiced that night to runaway and never go back. To find The Avengers or some kind of superhero to tell about their parents. They even go to LAPD, unfortunately LAPD is bought off by Alex Wilders parents and don;t bother listening to "Children". So the kids start to go to each of their own homes to investigate their own parents and learn they comes from Mob Bosses, Mutants, Aliens, Wizards, Mad Scientist and Time travels. From that day on they decided to fight crime as 'The Runaways" while learning more and more of their own parents "The Pride"...

Its also set within the MCU with constant reference's to The Avengers threw news reports and even a surprise cameo from Captain America!

Pretty easy premise right? Lot like a scooby-doo adventure set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

The reason I think this movie could work is the fact it'll reach that young Hunger Games crowd of teenagers (No not the Twi-Hard Fans). But the fans who enjoyed watching The Hunger Games since it centered around a group of teenagers who were put in a really hard place and have to overcome these obstacles.

Now the very first problem with the story would center around young Molly Hayes. Her and her parents carry the Mutant X gene which we all know the term is legally owned by FOX. So we will have to change this. They need to be the family of "Outcasts" as described by the gods for there suffering.  in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D they are introducing the term "Unregistered Gifted". This could be used instead of Mutants. The Hayes Parents are hated for their power of telekinesis and young Molly Hayes keeps her super-strength ability. 

It may be speculated upon that this story can't take place after "The Battle of New York" since that is when Aliens were first introduce to the MCU. But lets say it takes place after and the world knows of the Chritai and completely fear them. This could lead to the discovery of Lucy in the Sky as an alien to be even bigger revelation then seen in the books. She looks human, talks human....basically is human. So when she learns she is an alien it could lead to inner-conviction "Am I Like The Aliens in New York?".

This film also would be the first "Non Avengers Canon" story set within the MCU. With no direct storyline related to The Avengers. It could be that The Dean family is actually Kree like Ronan the Accused as Sleeper Cell agents. Which would actually be connected to Thanos.

Now who would play these kids? Lets look at some upcoming teenage stars. And yes this is very difficult not to mention Disney Channel or Tween Romance stars:

Alex Wilder is the illegitimate leader of The Runaways and a complete prodigy. So you need a slightly older actor in this so how about Attack the Block's (2011) John Boyega! He proved he being a relative unknown can hold his own movie on his back. He would need to work on an American accent though.


Molly Hayes is a 12 year old Mutant or (Unregistered Gifted) so a great up and coming actress is The Sitters (2011) Landry Bender! She is defiantly another possible Chloe Moretz in the making with her witty puns.

"Double punch to the nutsack!" - The Sitter

Karolina Dean is a blonde vegan bi-curious alien but that looks human due to her wrist band. Most of your first thoughts would be Chloe Grace Moretz....but come on she is way to bad-ass to be your typical blonde. So why not Nicola Peltz! She has worked on big budget films  The Last Airbender (2010) and next years Transformers 4 (2014)

Nico Minoru is an Asian-American girl who learns she is a witch with a staff that comes out of her every time she gets a cut. So how about The Vampire Dairies Malese Jow! She has also received several awards for her work on The Social Network (2010).

Gertrude Yokes is a extremely sarcastic girl with a Raptor she talks to telepathically. You need basically the mini-me version of Rebel Wilson with a dash of Game of Throne's actress Maisie Williams. Then why not Weeds and Suburgatory actress Allie Grant? She encompass quirkiness that is Arsenic!
Chase Stein is technically the oldest of the group but the most sarcastic and immature. With fire gauntlet gloves. So I think Teen Wolf and The Internship's funny man Dylan O'Brien! If he dyed his hair blonde...
What do you guys think?!

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