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Monday, August 5, 2013

EDITORIAL: How a Dark, Gritty Wonder Woman Could Work

Could a dark and gritty take on Wonder Woman exist in the modern DC Cinematic Universe?

Many have tried and failed at a potential Wonder Woman film and/or TV Series. From Joss Whedons turned down Wonder Woman script. To the terrible Wonder Woman pilot starring Adrianne Palicki. To the now recent Amazon tv series put on the back burner in favor of The Flash series by the creators of Arrow. 

Some ask why?  Why can't we have a leading female in a movie or series all of her own? I mean look at The Hunger Games series....the main protagonist is Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence. She is the main character of that film and book franchise. That kind of film is what we exactly need for Wonder Woman. 

But how? Well it seems that all current DC films or tv series want to base their characters on Nolan's Batman franchise.  From Arrow to Man of Steel they all revert to the dark gritty Nolan template. So here are a few ideas on how to make Wonder Woman dark and gritty but relevant to "Mans World" in this modern age. With tackling subjects like rape would defiantly push this in the "Dark & Gritty" direction And after watching the Wonder Woman animated film from 2009 its completely possible...

Start off with Hippolyta the mother of Diana. She falls in love with god Ares and when at her most vunnerable he abuses and "Takes Advantage Of" her. This is when she lived in mans domain of ancient Greece by a god Ares. Hippolyta turns up preganant with a baby...the baby of Ares. Hippolyta is torn to bits.God Hera the mother of Ares is horrified that her son would do this and blesses Hippolyta to go to a distant island in the Caribbean in the Bermuda Triangle (Instead of the Agean Sea) where Ares can never find her again. 

There she gives birth to a female daughter.....Diana. After seeing her baby daughter she is reminded of the horror Ares did to her all those years ago. She vows to never trust man again and never let her daughter travel to mans domain. At this island Hera gives the residents Hipplyote and Diana a spell that lets them age slowly. After the next few centuries more and more females here of this place in the Bermuda triangle. A place for girls who have been abused, raped, sold into slavery and have runaway to live in safety. Hippolyta declares herself queen and begins to train her daughter Princess Diana and the rest of the women to learn to defend themselves. Shes gets obsessed with....her daughter must always be prepared.

Man hears of this place and creates myths of a island full of huge armored women and names them "Amazons". Since no man can ever find this place tho cause its hidden in the Bremuda Triangle. 
(Can even throw in a joke that a Amazon by the name Amelia lives on the island) 

While growing up Hipployte never disowns Diana but instead overprotects her. Hipployte always in ever class she teaches warns the girls of Man and his word meaning nothing. To never trust them. That Man rapes woman and in slaves its own kind. Of course Diana being kept in the dark of her true father. Hipployte trains Diana even extra hard then the other girls. She of course becomes curious about the outside world. What is man? Why are they so untrustworthy? She grows up wondering this and by age 18 believes she should be allowed to leave Themyscira. 

The only way Queen Hipployte knows of the outside world is by holding a tournament once a year and sends the winner (The best fighter on the island) to the outside to simply observe. Diana secretly joins the tournament and tradition her mother actually lets her leave Themyscira. To discover the learn of her true father and maybe just maybe meet some male heroes that can change her mind about how evil "Man" is.....

 Now as for Wonder Womans costume.....We can all agree it can look pretty terrible on screen in the classic spandex.

They need to defiantly need to update the costume with pants. The jacket version of Wonder Womans costume would look best in the new modern world. 

Also, let Diana kick some ass? Shes a female Superman! She can do practically everything he can beside be weakened by Krytonite. Maybe keep out the flying part as shown the newer comics but keep all her brute strength in. 

What are some actresses that would be up for the role? 

Gina Carano (Haywire) is an Ex-MMA fighter turned movie star and fan favorite for the role given her muscles. Also, dating Superman (Henry Cavill) could help...

 Adrianne Palicki (G.I.Joe Retalation) has expressed interest in reprising the role from her canceled Wonder Woman pilot. Honestly, she wasnt bad it was the writing for that show.

Other names have been thrown in there like Megan Fox, Gemma Arterton,Hailey Bright and most recently 'Parks & Rec' Aubrey Palza has expressed interest...

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