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Thursday, August 15, 2013

DEBUNKED: Simon Pegg NOT at Marvel for 'Ant-Man'

Simon Pegg visited Marvels HQ for a podcast interview today

Earlier today Simon Pegg visited the Marvel HQ. He took some photos from his visit and posted them on his Twitter. One of them has him clearly pointing at Ant-Man on the Marvel collage wall. So what do Marvel fanboys do? Run a story that he is obviously cast as Ant-Man in his best friend Edgar Wrights upcoming film. 

It's not the case at all. Pegg is obviously referring to the fact his best friend is making an Ant-Man film for Marvel slated for November 2015. Simon Pegg is actually at Marvel for the 'This Week in Marvel' Podcast to most likely talk about The Worlds End and his relationship with Edgar Wright. Unfortunately this is a blow for most fanboys who would love Simon Pegg to dawn the Ant-Man suit (Personally I'd like Patrick Wilson). He also also stated in the past he much rather be the villain in Ant-Man. But never-the-less casting should be underway by the beginning of next year to meet the November 2015 release date....or get delayed yet again.

:: Update from Marvel ::

Thanks to @DailySuperhero for the debunked information.

Ant-Man hits winter 2015

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