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Saturday, August 10, 2013

D23Expo 13: Thor: The Dark World Panel Round-Up

All the News coming from the Thor Panel during D23 Live-Action Presentatio

Kevin Feige enters the stage....

:: Thor: The Dark World Panel Round-Up ::

- Reshows SDCC Footage - 
  •  Here is Tom Hiddleston!
  • He's apologizing for not being in costume
  • And for not singing like he did yesterday.
  • "But I brought some friends!" he says.
  • Here comes Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins!
  • Portman is saying that, while Thor was the fish out of water in the first film, Jane is that in this one.
  • Hopkins says he didn't have to check Portman's passport in Asgard because she's so lovely and belongs there.
  • They're about to show a new clip...      

:: Thor Clip Description ::
It's Jane's first day in Asgard.
She's on some sort of bio-bed, being scanned.
There's a growing energy inside her and Thor is worried.
"Is that quantum field generator?" she asks one of the Asgardians.
"It's a Soul Forge," they say. 
Odin comes in. He's not happy that Thor has brought her here.  
He demands that she be taken back to Midgard.  
She's delighted that Odin knows who she is, though. 
"You told your dad about me?"
Odin and Thor are distracted by the readings on the energy. It's changing into something, "defending itself".

  -Cut to Captain America Panel -   
Be sure to thank Silas Lesnick of for doing the live-blogging! 

Thor: The Dark World Hits this November!

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