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Monday, August 12, 2013

Christian Bale 'Reportedly' Feels BATMAN/SUPERMAN Is Beneath Him

Does every site have to post useless information? I mean half the stuff I see around the internet I figured was common knowledge! Well earlier today, a site called Cinematallica posted a 'scoop' regarding the future of 'Batman'. The site reportedly has a source close to the studio who claims "They [WB's] still have plans on landing Christian Bale and are doing everything in their power to make it happen." Now not only do I not believe that, but the site follows up be saying something that is extremely unlikely. The site reports that Batman Beyond is still in development. The site claims that "WB's was (and possibly still is?) hoping that Levitt would agree to top line a run of films in the cape & cowl under that title as the Caped Crusader."  While these past two quotes could be incredibly fake, the next quote is something I actually believe. The site says, "I have been told that Christian Bale’s main reason for refusing to come back is that he feels that this project is beneath him.  And you know what?  He’s right." Now, I do believe that one. Why you ask? Well basically at the end of the day, Christian Bale doesn't want to come back, he's done his take on The Dark Knight and I think we should all move on. Who do I think will play 'Batman' in Batman/Superman? One man, 'The Comedian' himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Who do you want to see take over from Christian Bale in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel? 

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