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Friday, August 9, 2013

DEBUNKED: 'Beyond Batman' Book Author says Bale will Return in Batman/Superman

The author of 'Beyond Batman' claims Bale will be back as The Caped Crusader

 Seems like Bales days as The Dark Knight might not be over. Yes, we have heard back and forth that Bale is Batman, Bale isn't Batman. Lets move on, no lets stay with Bale. But Wednesday a book came out called Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christan Bale and his Batman Dilemma that claimed Christan Bale will indeed be back in Justice League and Batman vs Superman. 

According to his source WB is having trouble to find a replacement as The Caped Crusader. Apparently Warner Bros is being prepared to offer Christan Bale $50 Million dollars per movie for him to return as Batman. 

Author Vince Russel says: 

With three of the most successful Batman films in Hollywood history under his belt, Christian Bale is now facing extraordinary pressure to become The Dark Knight once again.
 Other sources close to Bale are stating that he is looking at the potential offer the same way Robert Downey Jr. looked at the contract to appear in The Avengers 2 & 3 over the summer. Downey Jr ultimately signed the contract to appear in those films as Iron Man but NOT in Iron Man 4. Bale may do the same with Justice League and Superman vs Batman but no more solo Batman films.

We will keep you posted at SMN.....

:: Source :: - Digital Journal

Batman vs Superman hits summer 2015

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