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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

'Batman' Contender Joe Manganiello Wants To "Reinvent Superhero Movies"


True Blood star, Joe Manganiello is one of the many rumoured candidates to take up the iconic role of 'Batman' in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel, Batman Vs. Superman. Earlier today, the title of the film had been revealed to not be Batman Vs. Superman, the film as of now doesn't have a title, but David S. Goyer says he will base the movie on Batman/Superman: Public Enemies. Back to Joe, Earlier today, MTV had the chance to chat with the True Blood star, they asked him a variety of questions. When asked what he thought of playing 'Batman'; Manganiello responded by saying:
“I want to do something that’s a real deconstruction of the genre, there’s so many superhero projects out there that it’s almost like they’re becoming normal, so I want to do one that just flips it on its head and makes it crazy. I want to make the Fight Club of superhero movies.”
You can enjoy the full interview by watching the video embed below. Would you like to see Joe Manganiello take up the cape and cowl for 2015's Man Of Steel sequel? 

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