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Sunday, August 4, 2013

ABC Entertainment Chief Hints At More MARVEL Projects In The Near Future

ABC Entertainment Chief, Paul Lee, recently discussed the idea of more Marvel projects on ABC. While saying virtually nothing, Mr Lee reveals that he is loving the relationship between ABC and Marvel. While Marvel recently received the film rights and television rights for such characters as, 'Daredevil' & 'Ghost Rider' could we be seeing a possible 'Daredevil' television in the near future? Fans have been demanding a 'Daredevil' television series for a long time now, and after the recent success of shows like Arrow & Agents Of SHIELD a 'Daredevil' TV show could be closer than ever. Here's what Paul Lee had to say:
"We are loving this relationship [with Marvel]," gushed Lee. "The relationship with Marvel and with other Disney [intellectual property] across the company is something we are ambitious to build. We have lots of little schemes in mind."
Although this news is very slight and completely uninformative, it would be badass to see a TV adaptation of 'Daredevil' or 'Ghost Rider'. How would you feel about a possible TV show involving these heroes?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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