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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Major Cast Member Set to Die in 'Star Wars: Episode VII' !?

Has Composer John Williams let slip a major spoiler?!

Last night was the annual John Williams Hollywood Bowl in LA. This is where people get to congratulate composer John Williams on his work on the Star Wars films as well as many others like Indiana Jones. Williams is hard at work creating the score for the upcoming sequel trilogy directed by JJ Abrams. Now he played a few samples for the guests of the new trilogy but he also may have let slip a potential HUGE SPOILER in the process while describing the score...

Now I wasn't there so I have no idea to tell if he was just kidding around or dead serious. Is this Ben Skywalker from the expanded universe? or Lukes first son before Ben that we dont know about?! Only time will tell.....

Star Wars Episode 7 may hit December 2015

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