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Friday, July 26, 2013

'Worlds Finest' Villian ?

Who is the villain gonna be in the Batman/Superman movie?!

Ok, every since the WB announcement of a Batman/Superman movie coming in 2015 everyone is wondering....then who will be the villain?

Obviously in Man of Steel it was flat out hinted that Lex Luthor exists...his multi-billion dollar company exists. WHAT IF.....After the Battle of Metropolis with Zod Bruce learns with the rest of the world Aliens do exist and they can destroy entire city's (Good way to address the collateral damage in Man of Steel) So Bruce and Wayne Enterprises (Hinted also in Man of Steel) descides to team up with this upcoming entrepreneur in Lex Luthor and Lex Corp to rebuild this destroyed city. But in secret Bruce is actually trying to learn of this "Superman" and how dangerous he can be since Clark did kill Zod. Learn of Superman's weakness i.e Kryptonite.

 This could lead to a brawl between Batman and Superman. Like written in the Batman Leading Superman Editorial...Superman is young and naive to the world of other heroes. Batman a experienced veteran crime fighter trying to figure out the weakness in these super powered gods in his mortal world.
Plus Batman wont take to kindly to Superman killing Zod......and that needs to be addressed as well as the damage done to Metropolis.
And yes in the end they will bro-hug it out and become allys and then fight the real villain Lex or if Lex himself teams up with someone like Doomsday then have Supes and Bat fight them both...

Batman vs Superman hits summer 2015

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