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Sunday, July 28, 2013

How does Professor X come back from the dead in 'Days of Future Past' ?

X-Men: Days of Future Past is right around the corner and many are wondering "How is Professor X back from the dead? He died in X3!" Well even though many were upset when Director Brett Ratner seemingly killed off Professor X (As well as X-Men Leader Cyclops) in X-Men: The Last Stand. During one of the first post-credit stingers that seems to be in every Marvel movie shows Charles Xavier's consciousness into a "Brain Dead" patient referenced earlier in the film. 

Most don't know during the End Credits commentary with Director Brett Ratner and Producers of the film he reveals who the "Brain Dead" patient really is:

Yes, the Brain Dead Patient is indeed P. Xavier Charles Xaiver's brain dead identical twin brother. When he was born  his telepathy was so massive that he essentially stole his brothers brain waves. But when he was killed off by The Dark Phoenix he transferred the consciousness of his mind into his brain dead identical brother.

Now 8 years later director Bryan Singer is back to bring Charles Xavier back from the dead in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Will they link this to his rebirth?


Well during the post credit scene of 'The Wolverine' Charles shows up to speak with Wolverine who can't believe he is back from the dead....but Charles is in a wheel chair.

:: Source :: - The Wolverine Post Credit Scene

Hopefully they Days of Future Past coming out next May!

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