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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

EDITORIAL: "What If" Bale Returned for 'Superman vs Batman'

What If Christan Bale came back as the Dark Knight in Batman/Superman

It was revealed at SDCC a few weeks ago that Man of Steel 2 will be a 'Batman vs Superman' fighting then eventual team-up movie. Now who will pick up the mantle of Batman after The Dark Knight films ended?

What lead to this editorial was a recent tweet from @elmayimbe of Latino-Review that Bale is still being considered as an option from Warner Bros and DC even though Bales gone on record for saying
"I have not been contacted about Justice League or any other films"
key word...."contacted"

Christan Bale has also stated that if Nolan was to return and oversee another Batman he would be there.....Nolan already produced Man of Steel 1 and I'm hearing rumors he is set to oversee Man of Steel 2. Yes, his involvement will be minimal with Intersteller coming out keep in mind.

Its more likely then not Batman will be recast to fit in the "Man of Steel Universe" BUT on the off hand chance Bale is convinced to return here is my reasons why:

Its All About The Kids! - This generation of kids associate Christan Bale's face to Batman. Thats why The Dark Knight franchise has earned over $1.5 Billion dollars at the box office. Batman is DC's crown money making jewel (Sorry Green Lantern) One of the other things is toys. Toys, Toys, Toys.....Film company's are adamant on having their films market to kids to sell toys. With Henry Cavill's Man of Steel being a Box Office juggernaut next to The Dark Knight himself Christan Bale in a toy collection can you imagine the money? It makes complete marketing sense. Also Explains why FOX is scared to make 'Deadpool'....for shame.

Clark Needs a Experienced Crime Fighter Mentor - As I mentioned in another Editorial the only way I can see a Batman/Superman team-up movie working is with Batman being the experienced veteran crime fighter as opposed to "Fresh off the Boat" crime fighter Superman (Easy on the collateral damage man) 

Obviously at first Batman will want nothing to do with Superman. He is a alien that practically leveled a whole city. His own kind declared war on humanity. Theres nothing to trust about Superman but he is there to study Clarks weakness i.e introduce kryptonite.

But last time we saw Bruce he was in a cafe "retired" yet again in Italy and dead to the entire world....

The sudden and drastic revaluation that Aliens and Super Powered gods exist  would be the only reason to bring Bruce out of retirement to study Clark. "Bruce Wayne" will still be dead amongst the civilians though but this alien must be studied....must have a weakness....

It will be Bruces over whelming need to prove himself is what will drive him back to the mantle of Batman. He needs to prove himself just as good as anyone with a power. And it will be Clarks Naivety  that there is "good" in everyone that will lead this two to clash. Batman proving himself to Clark and Superman trying to prove himself as no threat to Bruce. 

The one complaint from Snyder, Goyer and Nolan is that there Nolan-Verse Batman simply can not live in the world of Superman. And frankly they are completely right. He can not.....But after the revelation of aliens that can completly level city' it really the same world after that? Batman has to adjust to living with Super powered humans. 

Superman isn't living in Batmans Universe. Batman's now living in Superman's world.

 What about continuity? Where was Superman when Bane took over Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises? 

Simple, during the time of Bane's destruction of Gotham. Clark was still on the run to learn of himself in the Arctic. He would have no way of getting the information that Gotham was under attack. He hasn't even learned how to fly yet....

What about John Robin Blake? If Bruce returns as Batman what will happen to his protection of Gotham?
Again very simple, John will have taken up either the mantle of Batman or Nightwing as some suggest and will continue to protect Gotham for Bruce. It will further lead to the myth of Gothams Knight. That even though Bruce Wayne "died". His city is still being protected especially since Gordon found out of Batman's true identity at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

This will also help Batman myth of being two places at once since now there will be two Batman's. One in Metropolis studying Clark and eventually forming the Justice League. Another keeping Bruce's beloved Gotham protected.

Never-the-Less Dc and Warner Bro's will either move on and cast a new Bruce Wayne for Batman vs Superman or make the marketing decision to get Bale back.....for the ultimate team-up film ever.

"Theres only one of you? were two"

Batman/Superman hits summer 2015

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