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Saturday, July 27, 2013

EDITORAL: Batman Needs to Lead Clark Kent in 'Batman/Superman'

A editorial on why Batman needs to lead Superman in a Worlds Finest movie

 Ok, to start things off this is my first Editorial so bear with me. The reason why I believe Batman needs to lead Superman in an upcoming Worlds Finest movie before Justice League is cause:
He is Batman?! Its simple do you really think Clark can tell Bruce what to do when they first have to team up? The reason why theres no chance that Batman would ever listen to Superman is cause I think Batman should be the veteran crime fighter when it gets to this point in the DCCU timeline.
I think Batman should have been doing this for several years already before the battle with Zod every took place in Metropolis. Yes, this told the world that there are super powered beings and aliens amongst humans. But batman isn't either? He is a myth in Gothams lore. He doesn't exist....and after Superman comes out to the public Batman still won't "exist".

So the fact Zack Snyder and David Goyer made Man of Steel to be the first to let other superheros to come after Superman doesn't mean thats why Bruce gonna pick up his mantle as Batman? Its the death of his parents as a child and the inner turmoil to do good in the face of evil. 
So my thoughts is when there is a bigger threat that will bring to complete different types of heroes to team up Batmans the one who leads. Even though many didn't like the ending in Man of Steel with the snapping of Zod's neck. I believed it was necessary. Clark needed that inner turmoil that brings him to shame. He even showed immediate remorse for his actions. This event is what makes him learn never to kill under any circumstance. Batmans the one who can teach the young Clark the No Killing rule. The reason Bruce has that rule from Day 1 is cause of his parents. Clark needs a mentor on how to be the Superman the world needs.

 And when the time is right......Bruce will hand the torch over to Clark and will follow rather then lead.

"Theres only one of you?.............Now were two" - Batman Begins  

Batman/Superman Swores into theaters summer 2015

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