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Friday, July 26, 2013

Dwayne Johnson as Cable in 'X-Force' ?

New twitter campaign for Dwayne Johnson to play Cable in FOX's X-Force
 Ever since X-Force was confirmed as the new X-Men Franchise after Days of Future Past people have wondered....who will be on the X-Force team?! Well according to some inside sources FOX is gonna try to market Cable and Deadpool as the leaders of X-Force (Alot like Wolverine in X-Men) but who would play cable? Most fans say Stephen Lang (AVATAR) but he is getting up there in age...but today X-Force creator Rob Liefeld started campaigning for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Cable!

Dwayne Johnson has been wanting to play a superhero for a long time and helming his own franchise could be just what he needs!

Now the downside.....Cable is the future son of Cyclops sent back to the past to stop a certain disaster from happening.  James Mardsen and Dwayne Johnson look NOTHING alike. For one Johnson is Samoan. But maybe they can write around this when they introduce Cable?
 What do you think?

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