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Friday, July 26, 2013

Apocalypse Cameo in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' ?

Will Days of Future Past lead into the Age of Apocalypse?

 X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out next yea. It will have Wolverine transfer his mind from the mutant enslavement future of the Sentinals and Boliver Trask (Peter Dinklage) to the 1970's past to re-write history. But then what will that new future be? It could lead right into the biggest X-Men villain of all the Egyptian god Apocalypse and his 4 Riders of the Apocalypse.

Apocalypse is the first mutant in history from ancient Egypt cast out for being a demon. He finds himself some alien technology and his reborn in modern/future times with a "Survival of the Fittest" mentality. This could re-write the Human enslaving Mutant Mutants enslaving the Humans.
 When Days of Future Past Director Bryan Singer was flat out asked if Apocalypse would show up in his film he said:

"I cant talk about that"

 A inside source from FOX told Movieweb that its entirely possibly to have Apocalypse pulling strings in the shared X-Men universe (Alot like Thanos in The Avengers Universe)

“He’s definitely a big part of Fox’s whole plan for a big ‘X-Men’ universe with spin-off movies. ‘The Avengers’ really is the template here.”
Also when flat out asked if Apocalypse would be in Days of Future Past:

“I won’t say too much about that. You’ll just have to wait and see.”
 This then asks who will be his 4 Horesman (War, Famine, Death and Pestilence)

There have been so many different mutant and heroes incarnated into these deitie: Including Gambit, Havok, Psylocke, Angel and Sunspot.........but another one stood out also:

 During the "Age of Apocalypse" story Arc Apocalypse resurrects the Summer brothers Havok and Cyclops to be War and Famine. Lucas Till (Alex Summers) was also confirmed for Days of Future Past a week ago. And as you all know Cylcops was killed off in X-Men: The Last Stand. James Mardsen was hinted to be in Vancouver during the filming of Days of Future Past. Could he be cameoing in at the end of Days of Future Past which would lead directly into Age of Apocalypse?

 X-Men: Days of Future Past hits May 2014

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